A-Board signs PRESTON

STREET LEVEL Advertising

With a wide range of sizes and all frames supplied powder coated as standard our A-Board selection can provide street level advertisment and drive passing trade direct to your door.

Attracting passing customers is a must for most tradesmen or shops. We have supplied A-Boards to established shops looking to promote a new product and to tradesmen that wish to promote themselves whilst working on a job in a local street or neighbourhood. Available in a range of styles finishes and designed to suit, our A-Boards could be a marketing must for your business.

The price quoted is all inclusive for a completed job. However if there is a cancellation or you decide to postpone there will be a charge for the artwork that has been supplied.

Logo'S & Artwork

I supply all A-board proofs free of charge and currently offer free artwork, see the price page for more information or contact me.


All metal parts powder coated, detachable heavy waited base. Signwritten with 3-5 year vinyl as standard. Frames available in black or white finish.