How I design your logo...

I suppose a good imagination helps... but also input from the customer. This can be anything from favourite colours, existing logo's you may have seen and liked or a description of what you may require. I tend to categorise two different main styles of logo as explained below. I believe a cleverly designed logo will not only show your business name and identity but can also be descriptive or illustrative to a point where a quick glimpse will be self explanatory.

This applies especially with van graphics when travelling from job to job or doing your daily routine it's all advertising and a striking logo helps to grab people's attention. I would say there's a similarity in print, a logo still needs to be eyecatching and to the point. But also the fact it is accompanied by other text or print needs to be taken into account and therefore should not be too overpowering or oversized and fit nicely within the shape of a business card or flyer.

As you can see from the process on the right I try to provide a variety of choice for you to start from and then work with you until you are happy and pleased with the desired outcome. The final logo can then be used in a variety of services most of them you will find on my services page including van graphics, printed stationery and printed clothing. My customers praise me on the fact that they can get everything done under one roof without having to go to numerous suppliers helping them to save time and money.

A themed logo

An illustrative logo depicting what or how your business operates. I normally incorporate the tools of your trade within the logo somehow without compramising on the overall look of the logo.

That corporate feel

We don't all have huge budgets to spend on rebranding or start up like some multi national business's, but I can still provide you with that corporate high end look you may desire.


Initial Design

These are first draft logos and will include 3,4 or 5 different logo options for you to choose from.


After picking or adapting a chosen logo I will then resend it including any colour variations you wish to see.


Finally after the initial and amendments stage i will provide the logo in various formats all suitable for any future works you may require.